How to Unlock Bootloader on Alcatel Phones?

You may have been wondering how to unlock the bootloader on Alcatel phones. This article will outline everything you need to know, as well as provide an easy step-by-step process for unlocking the bootloader on your phone.

Nowadays, The competition between smartphone manufacturers is getting enhanced almost every day, since there are over hundreds of legit manufacturer brands with billions of dollars of market capitalization. This makes it hard for a customer to choose a great brand in between lots of faces. Moreover, there are colossal newest sub-manufacturers we’re seeing every day, like the Realme started by Oppo and the Honor started by Huawei. 

However, Between all these newly generated manufacturers, we forgot some of the legit ones who designed the best Android Smartphones in the last era. Yeah, I’m talking about the brands like Alcatel! Alcatel is a sub-manufacturer brand owned by the two beast technological companies, Nokia and HCL Technologies. Moreover, Alcatel has designed hundreds of smartphone models yet, including top-notch creations like the entire Alcatel 3X series. 

While we keep the Smartphones on a different side, we can observe that Alcatel is known amazingly for designing hard-working tablets on an affordable price range. Yeah, You can watch the configurations of tablets like the Alcatel 3T10 series with 10 inches of display and so many exceptional features at a simplistic price range of $150-$200. So today, We’re here with one of the most rising questions in every Alcatel owner’s mind, i.e., How to unlock the Bootloader of Alcatel Smartphones. Let’s go forward – 

What is Bootloader in Alcatel Smartphones?

No matter, We are talking about the Alcatel or any smartphone brand, or even observing the other Smart devices like television and PC, Bootloader works the same everywhere. It’s an initializer program, which gives access and signals to almost all the system and third-party applications to work well after the booting up.

Moreover, You can also look at Bootloader as space that stores most of the security modules of our smartphones. If You’re unlocking the Bootloader, You’re basically allowing your smartphone access to enormous tweaks that we’ll cover inside the below section. Moreover, We’ll also provide you with the complete step-to-step journey to unlock the Bootloader in any Alcatel smartphone or tablet.

Why Unlock Bootloader?

After conquering the complete knowledge about Bootloader in our Smartphone the first question ping our mind is, what would be the legit reason to unlock our Smartphone’s Bootloader. We already told you above that you’re indirectly disabling several security modules in terms of unlocking Bootloader. 

So It’s important to have a legit reason to do such things. Don’t Worry, Since we’ve listed all those legit reasons below, and all you’ve to do is to choose your desired one – 

  • To gain root access
  • To install Custom and Stock ROMs
  • To use all those privileged third-party Android apps with full access.
  • To enjoy most of the in-UI customizations
  • To get recent updates


  • The first and the most legit advantage of unlocking the Bootloader is to gain root access on our Android smartphone. Yeah, You heard right! You can’t root your Smartphone without unlocking its Bootloader.
  • Afterward, You can also use various privileged modules of the different root methods by entirely gaining root access.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader will allow you to use almost all the futuristic Android apps to their highest abilities. 
  • You can also install the Custom and Stock ROMs on your Alcatel device after unlocking its Bootloader.
  • You can also uninstall most of the interrupting system apps like the Google series and many more after unlocking your device’s Bootloader.
  • You can install third-party apps, which can help you enhance the overall performance of your Smartphone within battery life.
  • Additionally, You can also download different root methods to enjoy all those features you’re willing toward after unlocking your device’s Bootloader.


  • Everything owns both, Features and Drawbacks. So Inside the case of our Bootloader unlocking process too, there are some of the disadvantages. Firstly, Your device warranty will get void for a lifetime after unlocking its Bootloader.
  • You can also brick your device for its entire life by making a single wrong step in-between the unlocking process. So must be careful!
  • If You’re doing this stuff only for rooting your Android smartphone, Rooting also holds its own disadvantages, which are separate and damn annoying.
  • If You’re unlocking your device Bootloader, You’re obliquely deleting some of the most crucial security modules out of your Smartphone, which could be damn harmful to your data.
  • Your Smartphone will become easily hackable after unlocking its Bootloader.
  • If You’re doing this to enhance the processor’s performance of your Smartphone, the larger you’ll overclock, the more troublesome would be the effect on your device’s processor.
  • You can’t use any banking app on your Smartphone after unlocking its Bootloader, as Google’s terms and conditions won’t allow you to do that.

Prerequisites before unlocking Vivo Smartphone Bootloader

Before going forward to unlock the Bootloader of your Android smartphone, there are lots of prerequisites or the preliminary steps you need to look onwards. If You aren’t taking these steps seriously, then you can keep yourself inside a stressful problem, as your Smartphone can also get bricked with a single carelessness. So must follow all the below steps carefully and comment below if you’re getting any trouble – 

  1. Backup necessary data – First of all, You’re required to create a hard backup of your entire data. As we told you above that Unlocking the Bootloader is directly equivalent to a factory reset of your Android device. So In Simple words, Your device’s data will get entirely wiped, including all your photos, videos, contacts, as well as app data. So Please prepare a backup first!
  2. Keep your Alcatel phone charged – After making the complete backup, You’re now required to charge up your Alcatel smartphone at least 60%. Well, The legit requirement is 40%, but it would be great if you’ll charge up your phone at least 60% before starting the Bootloader unlocking process. I won’t affect you in the initial steps, but if you’re performing this process while having a low battery and your Smartphone gets shut down, it will get bricked a 100%. So must be careful!

How to Unlock Bootloader On Alcatel Smartphones

After completing both of the preliminary steps, You’re ready to follow the legit steps for unlocking your Alcatel Smartphone’s Bootloader. First of all, Take a deep breath, since it’s not that complex process as it sounds. All You need to do is the process within the below simplistic steps damn carefully, and afterward, you can easily unlock your device’s Bootloader. Let’s get to the first step – 

Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging

First of all, You’re required to enable a few developer options inside your Alcatel Android smartphone. There are two different developer options, named OEM Unlock and USB Debugging, crucial to unlock the Bootloader and connect the Smartphone to the PC sequentially. 

You’re required to enable these before going onwards to the PC adjustments. So follow the below listed simple steps and enable developer options first before enabling both these options – 

Step 1 – Firstly, You’re required to open the official Settings app on your Alcatel Smartphone.

Step 2 – Now, Scroll down and search for the section named About phone, and open it ASAP.

Step 3 – Find the Build Number inside the About Section and tap it seven times repeatedly.

Step 4 – After tapping this Build Number 7 times, You’ll get notified with a simplistic pop-up stating Developer Options Enabled.

Step 5 – Now, Get back to the Settings main menu and open the Additional Settings section.

Step 6 – You’ll get the new settings option listed there, named Developer Options. So tap and open it ASAP! 

Step 7 – Search for the required option, i.e., OEM Unlock, and click its right cornered toggle to enable it.

Step 8 – Click Allow enabling the OEM Unlock on your Alcatel Smartphone.

Step 9 – Similarly, Scroll down and find the next Developer option, USB Debugging, and enable it too.

That’s all moderation you need to apply on your Android smartphone, and now we’re good with it. All We have to do now is to install some necessary drivers and tools on our PC. Let’s go for it –  

Download & Install ADB and Fastboot tool for PC

If You’re deeming to unlock your Smartphone’s Bootloader, you’re required to do some moderations with your Smartphone and PC, which you are using while completing this process. Well, The above moderations were all for our Alcatel Smartphone. So now, We’re required to download some of the crucial drivers and tools on our PC, which will help our PC in recognizing our Alcatel smartphone and unlocking it.  

First of all, We’re providing you the legit web links to the official driver and software related to the Alcatel manufacturer brand. You can click both the below links and download both the important stuff on your PC – 

ADB Driver – (Link)

Fastboot Tool – (Link)

Now, Follow the below process to install these drivers successfully – 

Step 1 – First of all, Use both the above links and download the ADB Driver and the Fastboot tool on a specific folder. We suggest you to create a new folder named Bootloader on Desktop to download all the required drivers, tools, and files to a particular location. 

Step 2 – All the above tools are the zipped files you’ve downloaded from the above link. So Extract them both within the same Bootloader folder.  

Step 3 – Open the Bootloader folder and Right-Click on the ADB Driver, and choose the Run as Administrator tab.

Step 4 – Now, Click the Y/Yes tab to install the ADB Driver.

Step 5 – Similarly, You’ve to do the same process with your Fastboot tool. So Find the .exe file of the Fastboot Tool, and afterward, you’ll be required to Right-Click and Run it as administrator.

Step 6 – Tap the Yes button to install the Fastboot tool directly on your PC.

Connect your Alcatel Device with your PC using a specific USB Cable

After completing the entire above process, You’re required to connect your Alcatel smartphone with your PC using a specific USB Cable, anyone supported with your Smartphone, micro-USB, or Type-C. Must remember that it’s the last process before unlocking your device’s Bootloader. So have you created the backup of your data and enabled USB Debugging to help your PC recognize your device.  

If You’ve done everything correctly, You’re ready to connect your Alcatel smartphone with your PC. And afterward, You have to go through all the below-listed steps to unlock your Smartphone’s Bootloader successfully – 

Unlock the Bootloader for your Alcatel Smartphone

Finally, We’re here on the final step of unlocking the Bootloader of the Alcatel Android smartphone. Again, It’s the last process where you’re required to enable the Bootloader mode of your device using the below few commands. It’s a simplistic process, and all you need here is to be careful about each step you’re seeing listed here and complete it as per the words written below – 

Step 1 – First of all, Open the Bootloader folder that you’ve created on Desktop. 

Step 2 – Now find an empty space to right-click and next click on the Open with Command Prompt tab. If You aren’t seeing Command prompt option on the list, You can also click on the above address bar and write CMD or cmd there, and hit enter to open the command prompt in that particular folder. 

Step 3 – Finally, You’ll notice a Command Prompt window opened with the address of your Bootloader folder.

Step 4 – Now It’s the commanding time, and firstly, You’re required to write the below command on your CMD to find your device –  

adb devices

Step 5 – Now, If You’ve successfully enabled USB Debugging and installed ADB Driver in the first few steps of the process, then You’ll notice your Alcatel Smartphone listed on the screen.

Step 6 – So Now, You have to inscribe the below command to restart your Alcatel smartphone in the Bootloader mode –  

adb reboot bootloader

Step 6 – Hit the enter button again, and You’ll observe your Smartphone getting restarted with a different interface.

Step 7 – Wait for that restart, and afterward, You’re reckoned to copy the below command to check Bootloader status and your device’s serial number.

fastboot devices

Step 8 – Hit Enter, and You’ll notice your device’s serial number listed on the screen. If You’re able to get it, start doing Step 9. Or If You still aren’t seeing any Serial Number listed, you have to install the Fastboot tool once again.

Step 9 – Finally, You have to copy the last below command on your PC, which will unlock the Bootloader of your Alcatel smartphone without any hassle – 

fastboot oem unlock

Step 10 – Now, You can reboot your Smartphone with the unlocked Bootloader by using the below command – 

fastboot reboot

Praises! Now You’re able to make all those tweaks with your Smartphone that you’re willing to do from a massive era. Now You can root your Android smartphone, install any Custom ROM, or use lots of the privileged applications without a single hassle. It’s time to enjoy your gained privileges, Cheers!!


How do I know if my phones’ Bootloader is unlocked?

It’s a simplistic process to check if the Bootloader is unlocked or not. You can do this with both your Smartphone and PC. If You’re convenient with your Smartphone, you’re required to open the dialer and write *#*#7378423#*#*. It’ll automatically redirect you to the Settings, where you have to enter Service Info>Configuration. Now, If there is Yes written under Bootloader, it’s unlocked or opposite for No. 

Now, If You’re convenient with the PC, You’re required to follow the below process – 

Step 1 – Download the Android SDK Platform-tools, and the drivers compatible with your Smartphone. 

Step 2 –  Now install these drivers and unzip SDK tools on a specified folder. 

Step 3 – Open the folder where you extracted SDK Tools, and press Shift + Right Click on the empty location, and choose “Open with Windows Powershell.” 

Step 4 – Switch off your phone with a hard pressing Power Button.

Step 5 – Now press the Power button again with the Volume-Up button and Volume Down button together. It’ll start your device in fastboot mode.

Step 6 – Connect your phone with the PC with a USB cable.

Step 7 – Copy the below command on your Windows Powershell screen – 

fastboot devices

Step 8 – Soon, your PC will detect the connected Smartphone, and now you’re required to copy the below command there – 

fastboot oem device-info

How do I get root access on the Alcatel smartphone?

Alcatel Smartphones are the smoothest ones, and it would be damn great rooting them, but most of the guys get stuck between the process. Well, the universal rooting method can also help you in rooting your Alcatel Android smartphone. Before that, You’re required to unlock your Alcatel device’s Bootloader, which would deem simple after going through the above steps. Afterward, You can go through the below link to know about the Universal rooting guide. 

Universal guide to root Android smartphones – (Link)

Is unlocking the Bootloader the same as rooting?

First of all, Rooting and Unlocking the Bootloader is both distinct stuff. Yeah, You can say Unlocking Bootloader is a preliminary step to gain root access on your Android smartphone, but they aren’t the same. Rooting offers you millions of privileges within the privileged modules that you can’t get with just a Bootloader unlock! Unlocking the Bootloader will only allow you to install Custom ROMs, but you can only enjoy them after Rooting and installing the TWRP Recovery tool.

Does unlocking bootloader erase data?

We already told this in the very first stage of the guide that unlocking Bootloader is 100% similar to factory resetting your Android smartphone. If You’re unlocking your device’s Bootloader, You’re indirectly resetting it and wiping all your crucial data. So Must be careful with this and create the complete backup of your important data before unlocking it. Make a clear backup of Photos, Videos, Contacts, Call logs, Recordings, as well as Messages before performing this! 

What is OEM unlock?

OEM Unlock is a developer option that you’ll observe inside every Android smartphone, either if it’s an Alcatel phone or a Samsung one. This option basically stands for allowing your Android smartphone to get unlocked without authorized access. You literally don’t have that authorized access since you aren’t the developer or manufacturer of your device, so that you’re required to enable it before unlocking your device’s Bootloader.

Is OEM unlock safe?

Yup, OEM Unlock is the safest Developer option that you require to unlock the Bootloader of your Smartphone. It’s not linked with any security module of your Android device, so that you can undoubtedly enable it, even without getting stressed about anything. It won’t be as complex as its name sounds, OEM Unlock!

Will I get OTA updates if the Bootloader is unlocked?

It’s one of the awful drawbacks of Unlocking the Bootloader that you can’t get OTA updates on your Android device by the manufacturer. Yup, Manufacturers and the official developers create the smoothest updates, but what would be more fantastic than getting those updates before your friends. Yup, I’m saying a legit thing! Fundamentally, You can gain root access on your Smartphone after Unlocking its Bootloader and can install the latest update versions without any disturbances. Moreover, You can also enjoy the other smartphone UI on your devices, like OxygenOS and ColorOS.

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