How to Unlock Bootloader on Any Android? Universal Guide

Explain About the guide

Hello, tech wanderers! Welcome to this new and most convenient series of unlocking the Bootloader of all your desired Android smartphones. We’ve designed this one to help you feel handy or elemental while unlocking the Bootloader of any Android Smartphone. Gone those tangy old days, when you were supposed to make the most extensive processes just for completing a preliminary requirement needed for rooting your Smartphone.

Now, You can go on through this below Universal guide to unlock the Bootloader of any Android Smartphone. This guide is something that can simply get applied on any of your phones, whether manufactured by any brand. In simple words, You won’t need to wander from website to website for Bootloader Unlocking guides if you’re purchasing any new smartphone. Just go through this guide carefully and start tweaking with your Android!

What is Bootloader in Android

If You think that Bootloader works distinctly in each other smart devices, You’re absolutely wrong! The Bootloader is something the same inside every smart device and refers to a set of executable codes executed at the initial stage; booting your machine. Similarly, In the case of Android Smartphones, Bootloader gets originated with switching on that Smartphone. 

This Bootloader is connected with nearly all the in-smartphone services, service providers, system applications as well as those third-party downloaded apps. So If You’re starting processes to complete most of your tasks, it first gets the assistance of Bootloader. That’s it!

Why Unlock Bootloader?

Now, If You’re familiar with the word Bootloader and all its freaky processes, you need to obtain comprehensive knowledge about the legit reasons where techies unlock their Android’s Bootloader. Unlocking Bootloader also means disabling some of the security modules of Android Smartphones, restricting those privileged apps from getting downloaded. It sounds precious the first time but afterward feels risky.

So If You’re going to unlock this crucial thing without any reason, You’re simply cutting your own throat. First, Acquire a legit reason, and then start the unlocking process. Moreover, We also have listed some of the legit reasons that most of the enthusiasts choose to Unlock Bootloader – 

  • Gaining root access on Android Smartphone
  • Installing Custom ROMs on Android Smartphone
  • Downloading and Installing distinct UI on Smartphone
  • Disabling some necessary security modules


  • There are numerous merits of Unlocking the Bootloader, but first would always be the access to you to install any tweak on your device after Unlocking its Bootloader. 
  • You can instantly install the TWRP Recovery Tool on your device after unlocking its Bootloader.
  • If You’re deeming to root your Android Smartphone, You need an Unlocked Bootloader first.
  • The security module linked with locked uninstallation of system apps can get disabled by unlocking Bootloader. So Now, You can uninstall any of your annoying System apps conveniently.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader presents the GODLIKE feature for all our gaming enthusiasts, as you can install some privileged third-party apps. These apps will help you overclock the processor of your device and increase the overall power!
  • If You want to run Linux or Ubuntu on your Android device without any hassle, You can unlock its Bootloader and make it possible!
  • Have your friend told you about the new Android version, and you want to install it before him? If Yes, You can unlock the Bootloader of your device and install all those privileges before him!


  • You will brick your Android Smartphone after making a singular mistake between the Unlocking process of your Smartphone. Be careful!
  • Unlocking the Bootloader will void the warranty of your Android Smartphone.
  • Rooting is good at its privileges but also offers some of the harmful demerits. So Must go through them first before unlocking the Bootloader of your Smartphone. 
  • If You’re doing this only to uninstall and get rid of those system apps, Remember that uninstalling a single useful Android app, like System UI, can also brick your Smartphone.
  • If I’m saying Unlocking the Bootloader, It indirectly means disabling lots of the security modules from your device. In simple words, You’re going to become easily hackable!
  • Unlocking the Bootloader will also factory reset your Android Smartphone’s actual data. So please take the complete backup of your data before unlocking it!

Steps to Unlock Bootloader On Any Android Device

Time to pack your seat covers since we’ve completed the entire knowledge-rich section about Bootloader and are ready to take a flight towards the steps of Unlocking Bootloader. Again, It’s a universal guide, which you can try with almost every Android Smartphone. But still, there are a few brands that sell their Unlock Code at some price, which you can’t unlock with this process. So keep out your phone, and let’s get started – 

Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging

The most initial step towards an unlocked Bootloader will be enabling some of the vital Developer Options. If You don’t know, Developer Options are the simple smartphone settings locked inside your Smartphone for some exceptional privileges. You can unlock these options by completing just a few steps and enjoy any featured option at your fingertips.

Currently, You’re required to enable two Developer Options on your Android device, designated OEM Unlock, and the USB Debugging. Again, Both these are the most critical preliminary enabling option before going towards the Unlocking Process. Moreover, OEM Unlock is the Developer Option to gain unauthorized access to unlock Bootloader, and USB Debugging simply works as a mediocre connecting your PC with Smartphone. 

So Get through the below steps and enable both of them instantly –

Step 1 – Open the Settings app on your Android Smartphone. 

Step 2 – Scroll down and Search for the About Phone Section listed on the Settings list. Tap it!

Step 3 – After Entering About Phone, You’ll observe a Status tab; Open it. (If You already see the Build Number on the About main Phone screen, there is no need to enter the Status section.) 

Step 4 – Now, Find the Build Number listed on the screen and repeatedly hit it 7-8 times.

Step 5 – Now, You’ll get pinged with a notification saying Developer Options Enabled.

Step 6 – Get back to the Settings app, and open the System Settings.

Step 7 – Click on the Advanced tab ASAP!

Step 8 – You’ll now notice a Developer Options section on the Advanced section. Open it.

Step 9 – Scroll down, and search for the OEM Unlock. After finding it, click the toggle right after OEM Unlock, and click the Allow tab on the subsequent prompt.

Step 10 – Likewise, Scroll down and Search USB Debugging. Click the toggle right to it and enable it by allowing it on the following prompt.

Set Up Android Platform-tools on your Computer

After all those above alterations and Developer Option enabling on your Smartphone, you’re now required to make some installation on your PC, including the Android Platform Tools. Fundamentally, If You’re unlocking the Bootloader of your Smartphone, It needs the same Android Platform Tools seeded by the manufacturer to get started again. So We’ll instill the official Android SDK Platform-tools listed in the below download link.

Android SDK Tool official download link(Windows) – (Link)

Android SDK Tool official download link(Mac OS) – (Link)

Android SDK Tool official download link(Linux) – (Link)

Download these tools, and afterward, Follow the below steps to install and set up correctly on your PC –

Step 1 – First of all, download the above placed ZIP file compatible with your PC OS.

Step 2 – Remember, It’s a zipped file, which you’re required to extract somewhere on your PC before installation. We recommend you to create a new folder named Bootloader on Desktop and extract it there. 

Step 3 – After successful extraction, Open the same Bootloader folder you created on Desktop.

Step 4 – Now, scroll down and search for the executable file of ADB and Fastboot.

Step 5 – Right Click each of them one by one and Run as Administrator. Afterward, Click on the Yes tab for all the subsequent prompts to install these tools successfully.

Connect your Android Device to the PC

Ultimately, You’ve completed installing the required Android SDK Platform tools without any complex procedure. So now, We’re ready to unlock the Bootloader of our Android Smartphone. Now, You’re required to connect your Android Smartphone with your PC using the compatible USB Cable. Afterward, You can start the below unlocking steps.

Additionally, We’re providing you one last call to get the complete backup of all your important data available inside the local storage, including Photos, Videos, Contacts, and Documents. Ignore if you already have created this backup, but if you haven’t completed it yet, please; you can’t arrange your data backup with any measure after Unlocking your Android’s Bootloader. Be careful and keep the journey within steps!

Unlock the Bootloader of your Android Smartphone

We’ve gained complete information about the Bootloader, Enabled all the required Developer Options on our Android Smartphone, and installed all the useful Android SDK Tools to run the ADB and Fastboot Command on PC. Moreover, You also have created the backup of your data and have charged it 60%.

Finally, We’re well-equipped, and all we need now is to take a deep breath and complete all the below steps carefully – 

Step 1 – First of all, Open the Bootloader folder, where you saved all those necessary Android SDK tools.

Step 2 – Now, Search for an empty space on the screen and Right-Click there. (Your Smartphone must be needed to be connected with your PC, using a working USB Cable here.)

Step 3 – Choose Open Powershell Window here tab from the Right-Click menu. 


Type the CMD command on the above address bar of the Bootloader folder.

 Step 4 – After opening the command prompt or Powershell Window, You’re required to paste the below command there to reboot your Android Smartphone in Bootloader or Fastboot mode.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 5 – Hit the Enter button!

Step 6 – Now, You’ll notice your Smartphone getting restarted automatically. (If You do not see an auto restart, maybe there is a problem with your USB Cable. or your downloaded ADB Drivers have been corrupted because of a network issue. So start the process again.)

Step 7 – After seeing a restart, Copy the below command on CMD if you’ve got a pixel smartphone – 

fastboot flashing unlock


Step 7 – If You’re unlocking any Non-Pixel Smartphone, Copy the below command to unlock the Bootloader – 

fastboot oem unlock

Step 8 – Wait for a few minutes, and you’ll get a confirmation warning on your Android Smartphone asking to relock the Bootloader.

Step 9 – Now, Copy this last below command on the CMD page to reboot your Smartphone on the standard mode –

fastboot reboot

Ultimately, You’re all done now and can simply detach the USB Cable from your Android Smartphone. You’ll notice the warning page on every restart to relock your device Bootloader. But happily, You’ve unlocked the Bootloader of your machine! Now, You’re ready to install any Custom Recovery tools, Custom ROM, TWRP, or Root Access on your Android Smartphone to enjoy the fortunate privileges!


 Is unlocking Bootloader safe?

Yes, Unlocking the Bootloader of an Android Smartphone is 100% safe and even legal from the above process if you’re completing the entire process as followed per the above step. But Your device may get bricked if you’re making any of the mistakes between the process completion. 

 Is unlocking Bootloader the same as rooting?

Nope, Unlocking Bootloader and Gaining Root access are both different terms as well as different processes. You can call Bootloader Unlocking as one of the preliminary processes before Rooting Smartphone, but still, they are separate procedures and offer entirely different privileges. 

Should I Unlock OEM on or off?

OEM Unlock is just a kind of Developer Option offered inside every Android and iOS Smartphone. It stands for providing users with unauthorized access to Unlock the Bootloader. Apart from that, there is nothing to get scared of with the OEM Unlock. You can enable it at the time of Bootloader Unlocking and disable it when there is no need!

How do I know if the Bootloader is unlocked?

It’s a simplistic process to check if the Bootloader is unlocked or not. You can do this with both your Smartphone and PC. If You’re convenient with your Smartphone, you’re required to open the dialer and write *#*#7378423#*#*. It’ll automatically redirect you to the Settings, where you have to enter Service Info>Configuration. Now, If there is Yes written under Bootloader, it’s unlocked or opposite for No. 

Now, If You’re convenient with the PC, You’re required to follow the below process – 

Step 1 – Download the Android SDK Platform-tools, and the drivers compatible with your Smartphone. 

Step 2 –  Now install these drivers and unzip SDK tools on a specified folder. 

Step 3 – Open the folder where you extracted SDK Tools, and press Shift + Right Click on the empty location, and choose “Open with Windows Powershell.” 

Step 4 – Switch off your phone with hard pressing Power Button.

Step 5 – Now press the Power button again with the Volume-Up button and Volume Down button together. It’ll start your device in fastboot mode.

Step 6 – Connect your phone with the PC with a USB cable.

Step 7 – Copy the below command on your Windows Powershell screen – 

fastboot devices

Step 8 – Soon, your PC will detect the connected Smartphone, and now you’re required to copy the below command there – 

fastboot oem device-info

Does locking bootloader wipe data?

Nope, Relocking the Bootloader won’t delete any of the data available on your Android Smartphone. But Yeah, If You’re Unlocking the Bootloader, You need to create a backup of your data first!

Can’t find Enable OEM unlock?

OEM Unlock is a Developer Option, and all manufacturer brands lock the Developer Options of Android Smartphone to keep them away from these complex settings. But You can simply find OEM Unlock and unlock Developer Options by going through the convenient steps provided in this guide here. 

 Can we root without unlocking the Bootloader?

Nope, You can’t root your Smartphone without unlocking its Bootloader. Basically, If You’re deeming to make any tweak, whether if it’s rooting, installing Custom ROM, or TWRP Recovery Tool, first you need to unlock the Bootloader of your device. 

Can we install a custom ROM without unlocking the Bootloader?

No, You can’t! Installing a Custom ROM is like enjoying an exceptional interface on your Android Smartphone, which is 100% impossible without Unlocking Bootloader. Basically, there are a few security modules on your Smartphone which prevent you from making such tweaks. Unlocking the Bootloader disables these modules and helps you installing Custom ROMs on your device conveniently. 

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