How to Unlock Bootloader on any Realme Phones?

This blog will show you how to unlock the bootloader on any Realme phone. Unlocking the bootloader gives you more power and control over your device. Below we have shown you some benefits of unlocking the bootloader on your Android.

Hey, techies! Are You foreseeing the newest technologies developed inside the dark world of Android smartphones? If you want to enjoy all the backside stuff on your Android smartphone with a featured interface and all the exceptional enabled features, You need to unlock your device Bootloader first. 

Nowadays, Almost everyone holds at least one Android Smartphone, and mostly the Realme Smartphones. The reason is simple, as Realme offers top-notch features and configuration on their manufactured smartphones at a lower cost. Additionally, We can also see most of the upcoming 5G enabled beasts developed by Oppo’s Realme. 

But still, We’re getting lots of daily comments on our articles asking for the process of unlocking Bootloaders in Realme Smartphones. It’s one of the most simplistic processes, where you won’t need to perform rocket-science steps.

Finally, After completing all the Realme Smartphones research, we’ve got the complete Bootloader unlocking process directly from the manufacturing community time to enjoy the article filled with enormous knowledge. Let’s get into it!

What is Bootloader in Realme Smartphones?

Realme is just a simplistic smartphone brand, and except that, if you want to know about the Bootloader unlocking process of Realme smartphones, firstly, you’re required to know about Bootloader. So Bootloader is fundamentally an in-built set of programs installed inside every smart device, whether it’s a smartphone, smartwatch, or a PC. 

Every intelligent device first runs the Bootloader program to get started with the UI and provide you the exceptional service with all those third-party applications.

But still, almost all the smartphone manufacturer brands lock the Bootloader on every model for lots of security purposes. And If You’re deeming to gain root access on your Android smartphone or install any Custom kind of ROM on your device, you need to unlock it first!

So ultimately, we’ve researched the Bootloader unlocking process for Realme Smartphones and listed it below with all the prior knowledge you need to know about Bootloader before unlocking it. So don’t wait anymore, and get directed towards the most important stuff – 

Why Unlock Bootloader?

Unlocking Bootloader needs a colossal process and also can brick your Smartphone on doing a single wrong step. So You can simply understand that how beneficial it can be for all the smart techies.

There are lots of reasons why people unlock Bootloaders of their Android smartphones. Well, We’ve listed all the essential reasons below, and you can also find out the below Advantage section for Bootloader to find out more –  

  • If you’re thinking of gaining root access to your Realme Smartphone
  • If you want to install the fully customizable ROMs on your device.
  • If you’re going to increase the overall performance of your Smartphone
  • If you want to improve the battery life of your Realme Smartphone.


  • The first and the most powerful advantage of unlocking Realme’s Bootloader is that you can now root your Smartphone with any Rooting method like Magisk Root.
  • You can flash any Stock or Custom ROM on your Android smartphone after unlocking its Bootloader.
  • Unlocking Bootloader will allow you to use most of the customization tools to make your Smartphone look more exceptional.
  • You can easily install the TWRP Recovery tool on your Android smartphone after unlocking its Bootloader.
  • Now You won’t need to wait for the newest updates since you can install it to the bloatware on your own after unlocking the Bootloader. 
  • You can install any manufacturer UI on your Realme Smartphone, like Oxygen OS, ColorOS, MIUI, and the Samsung UI, after unlocking its Bootloader.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader allows you to uninstall any System app from your Smartphone without any restriction.
  • Gamers can overclock their Smartphone using various third-party applications, which aren’t accessible on locked Bootloader.
  • Users can enhance the Battery life of their smartphones by using third-party apps. It basically kills all the dead processes and improves battery life. 


  • First of all, You must need to be careful with the recommended device list and all the steps listed below, since your Realme Smartphone can get bricked for the entire life after unlocking the Bootloader.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader means reinitializing the Smartphone as a whole with all the new processes. So You must need to get a complete backup of your data before unlocking Bootloader.
  • Unlocking Bootloader will void your device warranty, and you can’t get it back even after communicating with Realme representatives. 
  • Overclocking also contains some disadvantages, like device heating and damage with heat. 
  • It would be best to be careful while uninstalling the system applications from your Realme smartphones since uninstalling one crucial app can temporarily brick your Smartphone. 
  • Rooting also has its own flaws, so if you’re unlocking Bootloader to root your device, You must go through its demerits first.
  • There are so many highly secured Android apps that you can’t use after unlocking your device’s Bootloader, like GPay, Paypal, and PhonePe.
  • Unlocking Bootloader means disabling lots of security modules from the Smartphone. So It can be dangerous and an open invitation for viruses and bugs!

Prerequisites before unlocking Realme Smartphone Bootloader

Before going forward to start the process of unlocking Bootloader on Realme Smartphones, you first need to complete some of the preliminary steps. These are the most required steps, and you also need to be careful about all of them.

  1. Backup necessary data – Firstly, You have to backup all your essential data since Unlocking Bootloader will clear all your important data. So Use any service, Cloud, or External Storage, and make the complete backup of your images, videos, documents, and contacts before unlocking Bootloader.
  2. Keep your Realme phone charged – Charging your Smartphone is also one of the most critical steps you need to take while unlocking the Bootloader of your Realme smartphone.
    Basically, Unlocking Bootloader is one of the insider processes of smartphones, and a single interruption can brick your Smartphone for your entire life. So firstly, Charge your phone at least 60% before going towards unlocking its Bootloader. 

Steps to Unlock Bootloader On Realme Phones

Let’s fastly get towards all the essential steps required to unlock the Bootloader of Realme Android Smartphones. Firstly, We’ll start with unlocking the Developer options and last on unlocking the Bootloader. It’s a simplistic process listed below, so go on and unlock your Smartphone’s Bootloader – 

Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging

Before going onward, You first need to give the most critical access to your Smartphone for unlocking Bootloader, i.e., OEM Unlocking. It’s the most required developer option which you need to enable to unlock your device’s Bootloader without being an authorized Realme Manufacturer. 

It’s not as complex as it sounds since all you need here is to complete a simplistic process listed below, and afterward, you can simply enable the OEM Unlocking.

Excepting that, you’ll also need to enable USB Debugging on your Android smartphone to connect your device with a PC. This debugging option will help your PC recognizing your Realme Smartphone.

So let’s complete all the below steps and unlock the Developer Options to enable both of the above access – 

Step 1 – Get to the App menu and open the Settings app from there.

Step 2 – Swipe Down and tap the About Us section on your Realme Smartphone’s settings.

Step 3 – Find the tab named Version – Baseband & Kernel, and open it ASAP.

Step 4 – Search for Build Number on the list and tap it seven times repeatedly. You’ll get a confirmation pop-up here, saying that “You are now in developer mode.

Step 5 – Now get back to the main Settings menu, and open the Additional Settings.

Step 6 – Find the Developer Options tab listed there, and tap it ASAP. 

Step 7 – Swipe down, search for the toggle named OEM Unlocking, and enable the toggle ASAP.

Step 8 – Now swipe more down and get towards the Debugging section. You’ll get there a toggle listed, named USB Debugging. Enable it ASAP!

Download Unlock Tool for Realme Smartphone and Apply for application

After enabling both the developer options, named OEM Unlocking and the USB Debugging, You’re required to download a separate Android application developed to apply for unlocking Bootloader. As we told you above, Realme Smartphones hold an entirely different process of unlocking Bootloader than the other Android smartphone manufacturers. 

So basically, the Realme devices need you to download the Unlock Tool APK developed only for the Realme Devices. You can download this app through the below link and install it simply on any Realme device with the default installation steps.


Now Install the Unlock Tool app following the below process – 

Step 1 – Click the above download link and download the Unlock Tool.APK ASAP.

Step 2 – Open the Settings app, and search for the Security Settings and open it ASAP.

Step 3 – Now search for the App Installation section, and there you’ll get the Unknown Source Installations tab. Click it!

Step 4 – Now enable it for the third party or system app you’re installing from. Not that complex; just allow the toggle for Google Chrome and File Manager(System or Third Party)

Step 5 – Now, Get back to the File Manager app and search for the Unlock Tool.APK where you’ve downloaded it.

Step 6 – Click on the Unlock Tool app, and tap the Install button on the next prompt notification.

All You need now is to wait for 1-2 minutes, and the Unlock Tool will get installed ASAP on your Android smartphone. 

After installing the Unlock Tool app on your Realme Smartphone, You’re required to apply for the application of Unlock Tool to unlock the Bootloader. It’s a simple process that we’ve listed below in most simplistic steps – 

Step 1 – Open the recently installed Unlock Tool app on your Realme device.

Step 2 – Click on the Start Applying tab right now.

Step 3 – Now check the prompt stating to confirm the terms and conditions of Unlocking Bootloader.

Step 4 – Click the below most Submit Application tab.

Step 5 – Realme will now check your application and will approve it in approx an hour.

Step 6 – Wait for a few hours, and afterward, Open the Unlock Tool app again. Now The page will show you Review Successful written in large words.

Step 7 – Now tap the small lettered tab saying Start the in-depth test above the back button to get redirected on the Fastboot mode.

Before opening the Fastboot mode, you first need to confirm that you’ve created the complete backup of all your data, including Photos, Videos, and all other important files. After that, reboot your phone to Fastboot mode, and get towards the next step – 

Download & Install ADB and Fastboot tool for PC

ADB and Fastboot tools are the two most essential tools needed to be downloaded on your PC before unlocking the Bootloader. These apps are basically used to recognize the Realme device on your PC and assist your device in Fastboot mode to unlock the Bootloader. So All You need is to go through both links below one by one and download both ADB and Fastboot Tool for your PC.

ADB Drivers – (Link)

Fastboot Tool – (Link)

Follow the below steps now to install and use the above-listed tools – 

Step 1 – Extract the zipped folders of both ADB Driver and Fastboot Tool on a specified folder, like a particular folder on the Desktop.

Step 2 – Now, Open the folder where you’ve extracted both those Zip folders.

Step 3 – Right-Click on the ADB Driver Exe file and choose the Run it as Administrator tab.

Step 4 – Afterward, Press Y/Yes to install the ADB Driver on your PC.

Step 5 – Now get back to the folder and Right-click on the Fastboot tool to Run it as Administrator.

Step 6 – Likewise, Click the Y/Yes button to install the Fastboot tool on your PC.

Connect your Realme Device to the PC via USB Cable

As of now, You’ve finally installed both the most essential tools on your PC and are ready to connect your Realme Smartphone with the PC. Basically, the ADB driver will help your PC recognize that you’ve connected a Realme Android device with it, and the Fastboot tool will help it assist your Smartphone to unlock the Bootloader.

After downloading and installing both these tools, Open the Fastboot mode of your Realme Smartphone by tapping the Start the in-depth test button on the Unlock Tool. Afterward, take the USB Cable compatible with your Smartphone, and connect your PC with your Android Smartphone. 

Unlock the Bootloader for your Realme Smartphone

Ultimately, We’ve completed all the preliminary tasks required to be done before unlocking the Realme Smartphone’s Bootloader. Now We’re ready for the final step to go for a new Realme life and enjoy all the Bootloader privileges. Again, you are solely required to take a complete data backup since the Bootloader Unlocking process will format your entire data.

Finally, You’ve enabled OEM Unlocking, USB Debugging, downloaded all the required tools on your PC, and also have connected your smartphone with your PC via a USB Cable. All you need now is to follow the below steps and unlock your Realme Smartphone’s Bootloader – 

Step 1 – Open the folder where you’ve downloaded ADB Driver and Fastboot Tool on your PC.

Step 2 – Press the Shift Key + Right Click on any empty space.

Step 3 – Choose the Open Command Window tab listed on the menu from all the available options. (If You aren’t getting this Open Command Window option on the menu, type cmd on the above location bar, and hit enter.)

Step 4 – As soon as you’ll open the Command window, You need to copy there the below command – 

adb reboot bootloader

Step 5 – Hit the enter button and then copy the below command – 

fastboot flashing unlock

Step 6 – Hit the enter button again, and get back towards your Realme Smartphone.

Step 7 – You’ll have to navigate the option saying “Unlock The Bootloader” by using the Volume Down button and hit Power Button on this tab.

Now, You’ve successfully unlocked your Realme device’s Bootloader and are ready to make all the stuff you desired. You can now install any Custom ROM on your device, gain root access, and increase your customization level. Enjoy!


How do I know if my phones’ Bootloader is unlocked?

It’s a simplistic process to check if the Bootloader is unlocked or not. You can do this with both your Smartphone and PC. If you’re convenient with your Smartphone, you’re required to open the dialer and write *#*#7378423#*#*.

It’ll automatically redirect you to the Settings, where you have to enter Service Info > Configuration. Now, If there is Yes written under Bootloader, it’s unlocked or opposite for No. 

Now, If you’re convenient with the PC, You’re required to follow the below process – 

Step 1 – Download the Android SDK Platform-tools, and the drivers compatible with your Smartphone. 

Step 2 –  Now install these drivers and unzip SDK tools on a specified folder. 

Step 3 – Open the folder where you extracted SDK Tools, and press Shift + Right Click on the empty location, and choose “Open with Windows Powershell.” 

Step 4 – Switch off your phone with hard pressing Power Button.

Step 5 – Now press the Power button again with the Volume-Up button and Volume Down button together. It’ll start your device in fastboot mode.

Step 6 – Connect your phone with the PC with a USB cable.

Step 7 – Copy the below command on your Windows Powershell screen – 

fastboot devices

Step 8 – Soon, your PC will detect the connected Smartphone, and now you’re required to copy the below command there – 

fastboot oem device-info

How do I get root access on the Realme device?

If you want to use your Realme Smartphone with its full potential and simply want to gain root access, you need to unlock its Bootloader. For making it more simple, We’ve listed the entire process of Unlocking Realme Bootloader. After doing that, You can go through the below link and gain root access on your Smartphone.  

Link – (Link)

Is unlocking the Bootloader the same as rooting?

Nope, Rooting is basically a longer process than unlocking the Bootloader. We can say that Bootloader is a preliminary process that you need to perform before rooting your Realme Smartphone. Unlocking the Bootloader is just a process to authorize all the security modules for rooting Smartphones. 

Does unlocking bootloader erase data?

Yes, Abcoss! If You’re going to unlock the Bootloader of your Realme Smartphone or any other smartphone, first, you need to create a complete backup of it. Basically, Unlocking the Bootloader sideways means restarting your Android smartphone on the initial stage with no data. 

What is OEM unlock?

OEM Unlock is a developer option that you need to enable before unlocking your Realme Device bootloader. This allowance will enable you to unlock your device’s Bootloader without being one of the official device manufacturers, and you can now unlock it with unauthorized access.

Is OEM unlock safe?

Yup, OEM Unlock is the safest step for unlocking the Bootloader. It’s not that dangerous and won’t ever make your device kinda easily hackable. It’s just a step or permission you need to provide to your Realme Smartphone for unlocking the Bootloader with unauthorized access.  

Will I get OTA updates if the Bootloader is unlocked?

No, You won’t get any OTA Updates on your Smartphone if the Bootloader is unlocked. But excepting that, You can download the latest updates directly on your Smartphone by root access, without waiting for their arrival on your model.

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