How to Unlock Bootloader on Vivo Phones?

Do you want to unlock the bootloader on Vivo phones? Unlocking the bootloader is not something that should be taken lightly. The unlocking process can lead to a whole host of problems for your phone, and in some cases, it can cause your device to stop working altogether. However, if you are willing to take the risks then keep reading this article as we will show you how to unlock bootloader on Vivo phones.

Being a tech lover doesn’t only mean loving the new-gen smart devices like Televisions and Refrigerators, but it also applies to the software and tweaky side of these devices. Knowing the configurations and what an Android smartphone can do aren’t the most enjoyable stuff while using them cause everyone knows that very well. It’s on the backside of your device, i.e., the developer and the rooter side! 

So If You’re the very new guy to all these things, including the root access, Custom ROMs, and TWRP Recovery Tool, then first you need to know about the process of unlocking Bootloader. It’s the most preliminary process you need to perform with your Smartphone before getting access to any of the above privileges. Moreover, things become more manageable while using the Vivo Smartphone. 

So If You’ve got the Vivo Smartphone, Get ready to start enjoying the root access by following the below simplistic Bootloader Unlocking process on Vivo Smartphones. It’ll seem damn easy, as I told you that Unlocking the Bootloader is the most preliminary step required to take before rooting the Android smartphones.

What is Bootloader in Vivo Smartphones?

We’re living inside a smart era, where almost everything runs with AI-inbuilt systems and exceptionally coded software. Additionally, millions of guys inside this entire world want to get inside the backside of their smart devices. Here comes the Bootloader! The Bootloader is simply the set of programs and written codes to start all your smart devices’ processes. 

No matter which device you’re using or if any manufacturing brand developed it, Bootloader works the same inside each of them. Similarly, the Bootloader inside Vivo Smartphones is also the set of codes that helps the Vivo Android smartphones initialize all the system processes and all the third-party most required apps on it!

Why Unlock Bootloader?

The Bootloader is the most secure part of our Smartphone, which you aren’t supposed to unlock without having a particular requirement or tweak. Now, If You’re thinking about the reasons to unlock the Bootloader o your Android Smartphone, let me make it more simple for you. 

We’ve researched a lot and ultimately found all the legit reasons why a simple guy unlocks the Bootloader of his Android smartphone. Additionally, We also have listed all those reasons below, so you must go through them and find your desired requirement from the unlocked Bootloader- 

  • Rooting Vivo Android Smartphone
  • Installing Custom and Stock ROMs
  • Installing TWRP Recovery Tool
  • Getting the latest updates before release
  • Customizing Android UI insider interface


  • You can enjoy the free root access and can gain it with any root method you want. Magisk Manager will be the first recommendation.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader will allow you to uninstall all the annoying system apps you don’t need, like the Google Play Music, Google Play Books, Community apps, and Brand App Stores.
  • You can install any Custom and Stock ROM on your Smartphone after unlocking your device’s Bootloader.
  • It’ll help you in using the other brand UIs on your own Vivo Smartphone, like the OnePlus’s OxygenOS and the MI’s MIUI.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader will give you complete access to manage all the developer and manufacturer side services without any hassle.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader of an Android smartphone will also allow you to go through any third-party app without interruptions.
  • You can use lots of privileged modules after rooting your Smartphone, and that’ll enable you to make lots of tweaks exceptionally.
  • You can enhance the overall performance of your Smartphone after unlocking its Bootloader. (With the use of some third-party applications)


  • Your device warranty will get entirely voided after unlocking its Bootloader. So If You’re unlocking the Bootloader of a new smartphone, please first think about the legit need.
  • If You’re unlocking your device’s Bootloader, You’re required to be careful at each step since a single mistake can brick your Vivo Smartphone for an entire life.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader sideways means disrupting the working of most of the security modules of Android devices. It can sometimes make your device easily hackable and presents an open invitation to bugs. 
  • Gamers need to be careful while overclocking the performance of their Smartphone after unlocking the Bootloader since overclocking more aggressively can heat and damage the in-built structure of the phone.
  • If You’re unlocking your Vivo Smartphone only to get rid of all those interrupting system apps, then you’re also required to be careful while uninstalling them. Fundamentally, Uninstalling a single crucial app can brick your phone. 
  • Unlocking the Bootloader sometimes hangs the user interface, and also you can’t get the firmware updates by the brand after unlocking Bootloader.

Prerequisites before unlocking Vivo Smartphone Bootloader

  1. Backup necessary data – If You’re unlocking the Bootloader of your Vivo Smartphone, then firstly, You’re required to create a complete backup of all your important stuff stored on your device’s storage. SD Card data will not get affected so that you can transfer all the important photos, videos, documents, and music tracks on your SD card or Cloud Storage before unlocking the Bootloader.
  2. Keep your Vivo phone charged – Charging your Smartphone is also one of the most critical steps you need to take while unlocking the Bootloader of your Vivo smartphone. Basically, Unlocking Bootloader is one of the insider processes of smartphones, and a single interruption can brick your Smartphone for your entire life. So firstly, Charge your phone at least 60% before going towards unlocking its Bootloader. 
  3. Download and install the Qualcomm EDL Driver on your PC – Basically, There are two different methods to unlock the Bootloader on Vivo Smartphones. So If You’re choosing the EDL method, Your PC must need to be armed with an EDL driver to recognize the device successfully. So download the Link(QDLoader_HS_USB_Driver.7z

Methods to Unlock Bootloader On Vivo Smartphones

Fortunately, Vivo is the cool kinda manufacturing brand, that allows you to unlock your device’s Bootloader with two different methods. Afterward, You can choose any of the methods as per your simplicity and convenience. Ultimately, We’ve posted both these methods below with the entire required steps and resources – 

Method 1 – Fastboot method

Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging

If You don’t know, there is a developer mode hidden inside your smartphone which can give you access to manage most of the insider processes of your smartphone. It contains all the developer-side settings, and you can only change them all after having developer access. 

Excepting that, There are a few Developer options that we need to follow before unlocking the Bootloader. These are the OEM Unlocking and the USB Debugging access. Process-wise, You need OEM Unlocking to gain unauthorized access to unlock the Bootloader, and USB Debugging to connect your Vivo Smartphone with your PC.

So let’s complete all the below steps and unlock the Developer Options to enable both of the above access – 

Step 1 – Open the Settings app on your Vivo smartphone.

Step 2 – Swipe Down and search for the About section. Tap it!

Step 3 – After entering the About Section, You’ll get there listed Software Information tab. Open it!

Step 4 – Click More, and afterward, tap the Build Number 7-8 times.

Step 5 – Now You’ll get a notification pop-up on the screen saying Developer Option Enabled.

Step 6 – Get back to the main Settings now, and find the Developer Options tab listed there. Tap it ASAP! 

Step 7 – Swipe down and search for the toggle stating OEM Unlocking, and tap the toggle on the right side to enable it ASAP.

Step 8 – Now swipe down and search for a Developer Option, named USB Debugging. Enable it too!

Download & Install ADB and Fastboot tool for PC

After completing the above step on your Vivo Android Smartphone, Now You’re reckoned to download and install some of the important tools on your Windows-based PC. No matter, which windows version you’re using right now. All You need is to click the below link and download the ADB driver and the Fastboot tool on any specified folder.

ADB Drivers – (Link)

Fastboot Tool – (Link)

From both of the above tools, You need the ADB Drivers to connect your Android smartphone with the PC, and consequently, the Fastboot tool will assist you in booting your Vivo Smartphone to the Fastboot mode, and unlocking its Bootloader. So download both these tools from the above link and install them with the below-listed steps – 

Step 1 – You’ll get the downloaded drivers as a ZIP file so that you’re supposed to extract them both on a specified folder. We’ll recommend creating a folder named Bootloader on Desktop and extracting files there.

Step 2 – After unzipping them successfully, You’ll have to open the folder where you’ve extracted them.

Step 3 – Now Right-Click the ADB Driver file and tap the Run it as Administrator tab.

Step 4 – Thereafter, Tap the Y/Yes tab to install the ADB Driver.

Step 5 – You’ve to perform the same thing again for the Fastboot tool. So get back to the folder and Right-click on the Fastboot tool to Run it as Administrator.

Step 6 – Click the Yes button to install the Fastboot tool directly on your PC.

Connect your Vivo Device to the PC in Fastboot mode

Now You’ve done almost all the preliminary steps required to perform before unlocking the Vivo Smartphone’s Bootloader. Now You only have to make a simple task, i.e., to connect your Vivo Smartphone with your PC using a USB Cable. So take out your USB Cable, which is compatible with your Vivo Smartphone, Micro USB, or USB Type-C, and connect both ends appropriately on Smartphone and PC.

Unlock the Bootloader for your Vivo Smartphone

Here at this stage, You’re required to be fully acknowledged that You’ve created the complete backup of all your important data, including all your photos, videos, and all other media files. Moreover, You also have to enable both the above-listed permissions on your Android smartphone, i.e. USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking. 

After completing all these steps, let’s get instantly towards the final process required to unlock your smartphone’s Bootloader – 

Step 1 – First of all, Open the specified folder where you’ve unzipped both, ADB Driver and Fastboot Tool on your PC.

Step 2 – Now, Find an empty space on the folder, and Right-Click there.

Step 3 – You’ll get so many options listed there, and you’re required here to click on the Open Command Prompt tab. 

Step 4 – After opening the folder with Command Prompt, You’re supposed to copy the below command there- 

adb reboot bootloader

(This command will reboot your Vivo Smartphone in Bootloader mode, without any hassle.)

Step 5 – Hit the enter button!

Step 6 – After watching a successful reboot of your smartphone in the Bootloader mode, inscribe the below command on the same cmd window of your PC.

If You’re using an old Vivo Smartphone, copy the below command – 

fastboot bbk unlock_vivo

If You’re using a new Vivo Smartphone, copy the below command – 

fastboot bbk vivo_bsp unlock_vivo

Step 6 – Hit the enter button again!

Finally, You’ve unlocked the Bootloader of your Vivo Smartphone with the Fastboot tool. All You need now is to reboot your smartphone, and afterward, You can track the unlocked Bootloader by the opening warning notification on your smartphone.

Method 2 – EDL Method

Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging

Likewise the Fastboot method, Here also You’re required to enable the Developer options named OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging on your Android device. So follow the below steps and enable them ASAP –

Step 1 – Open the Settings app on your Vivo smartphone.

Step 2 – Swipe Down and search for the About section. Tap it!

Step 3 – After entering the About Section, You’ll get there listed Software Information tab. Open it!

Step 4 – Click More, and afterward, tap the Build Number 7-8 times.

Step 5 – Now You’ll get a notification pop-up on the screen saying Developer Option Enabled.

Step 6 – Get back to the main Settings now, and find the Developer Options tab listed there. Tap it ASAP! 

Step 7 – Swipe down and search for the toggle stating OEM Unlocking, and tap the toggle on the right side to enable it ASAP.

Step 8 – Now swipe down and search for a Developer Option, named USB Debugging. Enable it too! 

Download and Unzip Vivo EDL Unlock Tool

Inside the EDL Method, You’ve to download the Vivo EDL Unlock Tool and install it on your PC before starting the process. This tool will help you if you’re unable to unlock your Vivo Smartphone with the Fastboot method. And It’s a 100% genuine tool so that you won’t need to get scared of anything before downloading it to your smartphone.

Click the below link and download Vivo EDL Unlock Tool ASAP on your PC Storage, at any specified location – 

Vivo EDL Unlock Tool – (Link)

After downloading this tool, You’re also required to unzip it on a particular, or well-known location. A specified folder on the Desktop will be the first recommendation for all beginners. So extract that Zipped Vivo EDL Unlock Tool ASAP there on the specified folder, and install it ASAP.

Unlock the Bootloader of your Vivo Smartphone

Now after successfully unzipping that Vivo EDL Unlock Tool, go through the below process and complete the Bootloader unlocking process – 

Step 1 – Download the latest stock firmware file compatible with your Vivo Smartphone, and extract the prog_emmc_firehose_****.mbn named file from that Zipped flash firmware.

Step 2 – Now, Copy this extracted prog_emmc_firehose_****.mbn file to the folder where you’ve unzipped the Vivo EDL Unlock Tool.

Step 3 – Shut down your Vivo Smartphone and connect it with your PC with a USB cable while holding the Volume Up and Volume Down button together.

Step 4 – Now Open the Device Manager on your PC. You can search it inside the Control Panel.

Step 5 – Afterward, Search for the device named Qualcomm EDL port. It’ll only get reflected if you’ve installed the Qualcomm EDL Driver from the above prerequisite section.

Step 6 – Run dump_devinfo.bat command on there and inscribe the Port number, and hit enter!

Step 7 – Edit devinfo.img file using the HxD Hex Editor.

Step 8 – Ultimately, Now You’re required to run the unlock.bat command there.

Finally, You’ve unlocked the Bootloader of your smartphone without any Rocket Scientific knowledge. Now You can go for any advanced level process you need to perform with your phone, like Installing TWRP, Custom ROM, or gaining root access.


How do I know if my phones’ Bootloader is unlocked?

It’s a simplistic process to check if the Bootloader is unlocked or not. You can do this with both your Smartphone and PC. If You’re convenient with your Smartphone, you’re required to open the dialer and write *#*#7378423#*#*. It’ll automatically redirect you to the Settings, where you have to enter Service Info>Configuration. Now, If there is Yes written under Bootloader, it’s unlocked or opposite for No. 

Now, If You’re convenient with the PC, You’re required to follow the below process – 

Step 1 – Download the Android SDK Platform-tools, and the drivers compatible with your Smartphone. 

Step 2 –  Now install these drivers and unzip SDK tools on a specified folder. 

Step 3 – Open the folder where you extracted SDK Tools, and press Shift + Right Click on the empty location, and choose “Open with Windows Powershell.” 

Step 4 – Switch off your phone with hard pressing Power Button.

Step 5 – Now press the Power button again with the Volume-Up button and Volume Down button together. It’ll start your device in fastboot mode.

Step 6 – Connect your phone with the PC with a USB cable.

Step 7 – Copy the below command on your Windows Powershell screen – 

fastboot devices

Step 8 – Soon, your PC will detect the connected Smartphone, and now you’re required to copy the below command there – 

fastboot oem device-info

How do I get root access on the Vivo smartphone?

If You’re using a Vivo Smartphone(Old or the Branded one), You’re priorly required to unlock the Bootloader. Well, It won’t sound that tough after going through the above steps to unlock the Vivo Smartphone Bootloader. It’s a 100% legit process to unlock the Bootloader, and thereafter You can root your Android smartphone using any Rooting method. Additionally, We also have provided a web link below, where you can know about all the standard rooting methods.  

Link – (Link)

Is unlocking the Bootloader the same as rooting?

Unlocking the Smartphone Bootloader will void your device warranty, but still, it doesn’t mean that you’ve gained root access on your Smartphone! Rooting is an entirely different process, and Unlocking the Bootloader is just a part of the Rooting process. You need to make lots of modifications to your System after unlocking Bootloader to root it. 

Does unlocking bootloader erase data?

Yup, And that’s the only reason why we’ve listed this inside the above-listed Prerequisites to create the complete backup of your entire smartphone data before unlocking its Bootloader. Fundamentally, If You’re unlocking the Bootloader of your smartphone, then it virtually means factory resetting the current stage of the device. So Please create the full backup of your data, including pictures and videos before the Bootloader Unlocking process.

What is OEM unlock?

OEM Unlocking is one of the majorly required developer side permission for unlocking the Bootloader. Basically, The device’s manufacturers and developers have the complete right to unlock it, but if you want to unlock the Bootloader, you need permission first. It’s a simplistic process listed above, where you can simply enable the OEM Unlock inside the Developer Option and unlock your Device’s Bootloader.

Is OEM unlock safe?

Yes, OEM Unlock is a safe Developer Option to enable on your Android smartphone. But eventually, It would not be good if you’re keeping it enabled every time, even while you won’t have any requirement of unlocking your device’s Bootloader. It’s the option for a reason, which points at Unlocking the Smartphone’s Bootloader, so only enable it on the same requirement.

Will I get OTA updates if the Bootloader is unlocked?

Sadly, It’s not possible for getting the regular OTA updates from your device’s firmware developing team, that you’re getting these days after unlocking the Bootloader. But still, You’ve got a plus point here! You can install any Custom ROM or any upcoming update before its launching date compatible with your device. Moreover, You can also install any device OS UI, like MIUI, Oxygen OS, and Color OS on your Vivo Smartphone after unlocking its Bootloader.

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