How to Unlock Bootloader on Asus Phones?

In this blog, we will show you how to unlock the bootloader on ASUS phones. Unlocking the bootloader is not an easy task and it can void your warranty. If you are interested in unlocking your phone’s bootloader, then please continue reading our article for more information.

After a safe land in computing technology last decade, ASUS started its journey to become the beast manufacturer brand. That software engineer group got that idea in a cafe and manufactured it with their own struggle, with the first few technological products, including Caches, ISA, and two PC Motherboards. That was a fantastic origin, and afterward, the ASUS started rising as a star inside the enhancing technology. 

They also earned thousands of awards and conquered millions of technical users from all over the world. Moreover, Nowadays, ASUS also started manufacturing those Android smartphones. As we all know, ASUS has an exceptional knowledge of the gaming world after using its fantastic designs, like those ROG motherboards and gaming laptops. So similarly, ASUS is also designing the most powerful Android smartphones by embedding the mighty processors inside them.

Almost all the ASUS smartphones work on the Snapdragon chipset and also offer powerful RAM models. Furthermore, You can also get many budget smartphones within the exclusive ASUS ranges, including all those incredible configurations you’re looking for. Also, If You’re looking to root your ASUS Smartphone and install any Custom ROM, we’ve written an entire article below, based on the most preliminary work before rooting, i.e., Unlocking the Bootloader of an ASUS Smartphone. 

This guide will provide you the complete information about the Bootloader, including the advantages, disadvantages, and meaning of the Bootloader, even if you’re a beginner. Moreover, there are two methods provided with this guide, and you can choose your desired as per the level of your simplicity! So Let’s not waste a single more second and get straight towards unlocking the Bootloader. 

What is Bootloader in ASUS Smartphones?

Before going towards the guide’s motive, i.e., Unlocking the Bootloader of ASUS Smartphones, let’s first get some vital knowledge about the Bootloader and the legit reasons required to unlock it. So In Simple language, The Bootloader is a convenient folder of your Smartphone, including all your device’s security modules. Moreover, Each of the tasks you initialize on your Smartphone first starts in Bootloader.   

In technical words, a Bootloader is a set of programs that originates while you reboot or Power On your Android smartphone or any other smart device. It’s the first execution inside the Smartphone, which operates all the crucial processes you’re completing afterward, whether it’s about opening a third-party application or using a simplistic system service. 

Why Unlock Bootloader?

After knowing Bootloader, You must have acknowledged that it’s one of the essential programs on your Android smartphone, and it can’t basically work without a Bootloader. Well, Unlocking the Bootloader is not removing it from the Smartphone. It’s just like the key & lock scenario. So If You’re unlocking the Bootloader of your ASUS or any other smartphone, You’re basically restricting most of the security modules of your Smartphone to work correctly. 

So You must require a legit reason for unlocking the Bootloader of your ASUS Smartphone. If You don’t have that reason and unlocking it just for fun, please stop this guide when you’re reading this paragraph! Moreover, If You’re a beginner, we also have listed all those legit reasons where a technological freak unlocks the Bootloader of their Android Smartphone – 

  • To gain root access.
  • To install Custom or Stock ROMs.
  • To enjoy the customizing modules
  • To install different UI on ASUS Smartphones.


  1. First of all, If You need to install a Custom ROM or any Stock ROM on your Android smartphone, you need an unlocked Bootloader on your ASUS Smartphone.
  2. If You’re looking to gain root access and all those rooting privileges to your ASUS Smartphone, You need an unlocked Bootloader.
  3. You can install lots of the customizing privileged third-party apps on your ASUS SMartphone after unlocking its Bootloader.
  4. If You’re finding ways to create a professional backup of your entire Smartphone’s data, You can unlock your Smartphone’s Bootloader and use all those powerful backup apps.
  5. Unlocking the Bootloader will also help you flashing the TWRP Recovery tool on your Smartphone, and afterward, You can try tremendous incredible privileges.
  6. Suppose You’re an enthusiastic gamer working on a slow or laggy smartphone with low specs and a simplistic processor. In that case, You can unlock your device’s Bootloader to use some overclocking apps. 
  7. Some third-party applications will also help you enhance the battery life of your ASUS Smartphone by killing most of the dead processes. 
  8. You can create your own customizations and Privacy settings on your Smartphone after Unlocking the Bootloader of your ASUS Smartphone.
  9. Rooting also contains its own privileges that you can enjoy if you’re deeming to root your device after unlocking its Bootloader.


  1. The most annoying demerit here of Unlocking the Bootloader is that your Smartphone can get bricked for its entire life if you’re making a single mistake during this process. So please, keep each of your steps safely, and resist land mines!
  2. Unlocking the Bootloader will void the warranty of your Android Smartphone. So You must need a legit reason more prominent than the warranty of your Smartphone.
  3. Must remember that Rooting also holds its own demerits, so that you’re required to be careful while rooting your Smartphone. 
  4. If You’re doing that all to use those privileged third-party apps, most of those apps are threatening and can throw you inside big trouble. 
  5. Unlocking the Bootloader indirectly means that you’re formatting your Smartphone. So If You aren’t creating the backup of your data first, You’ll lose it for your entire life.
  6. If You’re unlocking the Bootloader of your ASUS Smartphone, You’re unlocking and disabling most of the critical security modules of your Android smartphone. 
  7. You can’t use those highly secured banking applications like PayPal, PayTM, and GPay after unlocking the Bootloader of your ASUS Smartphone.
  8. Your Smartphone’s data will become easily hackable after unlocking its Bootloader.

Prerequisites before unlocking ASUS Smartphone Bootloader

We’ve mentioned below a few most critical prerequisites or preliminary steps you need to perform before unlocking the Bootloader of your ASUS Smartphone. All these steps would be mandatory and are as important as the process of unlocking the Bootloader. Must complete both of them before going forward – 

  1. Backup necessary data – Before going forward to unlock your ASUS Android Smartphone’s Bootloader, you first need to backup all the critical data you’ve inside your phone. Fundamentally, the process of Unlocking the Bootloader of Android smartphones entirely factory resets the Smartphones, clearing all the data available inside them. So Please, Create the complete backup of all your Photos, Videos, Contacts, Documents, and all other necessary files before starting your journey!
  2. Keep your ASUS phone charged – After making a successful backup, You’re obligated now to charge your ASUS Smartphone at least 60%. 40% is the brand requirement, but we would suggest you, please charge your Smartphone at least 60% since you’re going to get in deadly trouble if your device gets switched off during the process. Your device can get bricked for its entire life!

Methods to Unlock Bootloader On ASUS Smartphones

Finally, You’ve completed gaining all the vital information about the Bootloader of ASUS Smartphones, including the advantages and disadvantages of unlocking it. Right now, We’re ready to start the process of Unlocking the Bootloader. Again, Be careful till completing the fundamental steps of any of your favorite methods to escape troubles. Have a fantastic start!

Method 1 – Android APK Method

The first method is the most convenient method to unlock the Bootloader of your ASUS Smartphone. It’s a brand authorized method so that you won’t need to enable any Developer Option, and also, there is no need to connect your device with a PC. Nothing at all, Just a handy Android application, and that’s it!

Download Asus Unlock Tool on your PC

Firstly, You’re required to follow some simple steps to install the Unlock app for your Bootloader inside your ASUS Android smartphone – 

Step 1 – First of all, Open your PC Browser and open the below link inside it.


Step 2 – Choose your Smartphone model and the ASUS series where it belongs.

Step 3 – Choose the OS class of your Android Smartphone between Android and Others.

Step 4 – Now, Tap the Drivers and Tools section and open it ASAP.

Step 5 – Click for See All Downloads in the Utility section and scroll down to search ASUS Unlock Bootloader APK for your phone.

Step 6 – After finding this app successfully, Click the Download button below to download the ASUS Bootloader Unlocker app ASAP.

Connect your Smartphone with your PC and transfer the APK to install it

As of now, You’ve conquered the Android APK file for the ASUS Bootloader Unlocker tool. All You need now is to move this APK file and install that app conveniently to the compatible ASUS Android Smartphone. It’s a simple process primarily, where you’re required to follow the below steps – 

Step 1 – Connect your ASUS Smartphone with your PC and tap for FTP access on your Smartphone.

Step 2 – Now, Open the folder where you’ve downloaded that ASUS Bootloader Unlock tool, and copy or Ctrl+C it ASAP!\

Step 3 – Open your Smartphone’s file transfer folder and paste that app on a specific folder inside the Phone Storage. (Use Ctrl+V or simple Right-Click and Paste option here.)

Step 4 – Now, Detach that USB Cable and open the Settings app on your ASUS Smartphone.

Step 5 – Scroll down and search for the Security tab and tap it ASAP. 

Step 6 – Locate an Unknown Sources option there and click the toggle right after it to enable it!

Step 7 – After enabling that, open the file manager and locate that specific Phone Storage folder where you’ve copied that Bootloader Unlocker app.

Step 8 – Open that folder and click on the Unlock Bootloader.APK file. 

Step 9 – Tap the install button on the following prompt and wait till the completion of the installation process.

Finally, You’ve installed the Bootloader Unlock tool on your ASUS Android smartphone and can now use this tool as the below process to unlock the Bootloader of your ASUS device without any hassle!

Unlock the Bootloader of your Asus Smartphone

Ultimately, We’re here, Completing the final process of unlocking the Bootloader of the ASUS Android Smartphone. The convenience of this method made me love it since all we’ve to perform here is only a few tasks, and afterward, we can enjoy the free privileges of the unlocked Bootloader. 

So Now, You have got the last chance or a warning that if you haven’t created the backup of all your crucial data, then this data will get wiped out of your Phone Storage, contacts, messages, and call logs. So Please Create the backup and happily start the last step of unlocking the Bootloader below – 

Step 1 – Open the Unlock Bootloader APK that you recently have installed on your ASUS Smartphone.

Step 2 – Now check for the box asking End User License Agreement. 

Step 3 – Tap Press to Unlock your device tab ASAP and wait for a few moments.

Wait for a few minutes, and you’ll observe your ASUS Android Smartphone getting restarted. Let it continue, and afterward, You’ll see a warning to confirm that you’ve unlocked the Bootloader of your Smartphone. This warning will acknowledge that the corrupted file can’t get scanned as you’ve got an unlocked Bootloader. Ultimately, You’ve made it, and get ready to enjoy the dark side of your Android Smartphone! 

Method 2 – Fastboot Method

Fastboot method is quite a universal method to unlock Android Smartphones using the unauthorized access of the Fastboot Tool and some CMD codes. It’s also a convenient process and the last method after the Smartphone to unlock your ASUS Phone. So If You see any troubles while unlocking via the first method, then try using the second one below – 

Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging

The Fastboot method priorly needs you to enable some developer options on your Android Smartphone. There are basically two distinct Developer Options, named OEM Unlock and the USB Debugging, that you need to allow for some important task. The first one, i.e., OEM Unlock, will help you get unauthorized access from Smartphone protocol to unlock the device. The following USB Debugging will help you connect your device with a PC having an error-less connection.

There is merely no need for perfect programming or unlocking knowledge here to perform the Unlock Process since you only need here to serve the simplistic below processes, and that’s it – `

Step 1 – Get to the Homepage and open the Settings app on your ASUS smartphone.

Step 2 – Now, You’ll observe below a section named About phone. Open it!

Step 3 – Tap on the Status tab, and there you’ll get the section named Build Number.

Step 4 – You’re now required to tap the Build Number 7-8 times.

Step 5 – Consequently, You’ll get popped by a dark notification saying Developer Option Enabled.

Step 6 – Now, Get back to all the Settings and open the Additional Settings

Step 7 – Search for the Developer Options inside the Additional Settings and Open it.

Step 8 – Scroll down, and locate the OEM Unlock named Developer Option.

Step 9 – Now, Click the checkbox right after OEM Unlock and tap Yes to enable it on the following prompt.

Step 10 – Scroll down more, and search for the USB Debugging Developer Option.

Step 11 – Likewise, tab the checkbox next to USB Debugging and tap the Yes tap on the next prompt to enable USB Debugging on your device. 

Download and Install ADB and Fastboot Tools on your PC

After enabling both the most crucial Developer Options, You’re now required to make initial installations on your Windows-based PC. These installations would be damn handy, and there are just two critical tools, named ADB Driver and Fastboot Tool, that you’re required to install. Both of these tools require the default PC Software installation process to get installed. So First of all, Click the below download link for downloading both of these tools one by one –

ADB Driver – (Download Link)

Fastboot Tool – (Download Link)

After downloading both these zipped files, follow the below processes to install them properly – 

Step 1 – Download both the ADB Driver and Fastboot Tool zipped bundles and create a new Bootloader folder on the Desktop to unzip all these files.  

Step 2 – Open the same Bootloader folder where you extracted those crucial tools.

Step 3 – Now, You’ll observe the Exe or executable files for both Fastboot Tool and the ADB Driver. 

Step 4 – Firstly, Right-Click Fastboot Tool and Choose Run it as Administrator tab from Right-Click menu.

Step 5 – Allow the Administrator installation permission by clicking Yes on the following prompt.

Step 6 – Now, Click the Yes tab for all the upcoming notification prompts.

Step 7 –  Do the same process with the ADB Driver. Right-click it and Run it as Administrator ASAP.

Step 8 – Allow for the installation and click the Yes tab on all the upcoming notification prompts.

Unlock the Bootloader of your ASUS Smartphone

You’ve finally installed all the required drivers and tools for your PC and also have completed all those moderations you needed with your Smartphone’s Developer Options. Now, You’re reckoned to make some last alterations with some of the commands and connecting your Smartphone with PC. 

It would be the last procedure before the completion of the method so that you’re required to be sure that you’ve completed creating a backup of your entire important data. Since, You won’t get data back by any measure, not even from going to the ASUS Stores. To create the backup, and afterward, Go for the subsequent steps – 

Step 1 – First of all, Connect your ASUS Smartphone with your PC using the supported USB Cable. 

Step 2 – Now, Open the same Bootloader folder where you’ve installed both Fastboot Tool and the ADB Drivers.

Step 3 – Find an empty place with no files or Settings, and Shift + Right-Click there. 

Step 4 – Now, Open the Device Manager on your PC. You can search it inside the Control Panel.

Step 5 – Choose the Open Command Window here tab from the Right-Click menu. You’ll soon notice the CMD window.

Step 6 – Now, Inscribe the below command on that command prompt to reboot your ASUS Smartphone in Fastboot mode.

adb reboot-bootloader

Step 7 – Hit the Enter button!

Step 8 – Copy the below command now on the same CMD window and hit the Enter button to acquire the unlock key for unlocking your ASUS Smartphone.

echo > key.txt

Step 9 – Ultimately, You have to run the below command to unlock the Bootloader of your ASUS device.

fastboot oem get_unlock_key key.txt

Step 10 – Hit the Enter button.

Step 9 – Wait for the Bootloader unlocking process and copy the below command on the same CMD and click the Enter button to reboot your Smartphone – 

fastboot reboot

Finally, You’ve successfully unlocked the Bootloader of your ASUS Android device, and now you’re ready to enjoy all those exceptional tweaks, like installing Custom ROMs, root access, and the privileged TWRP Recovery tool. Enjoy tweaking!


How do I know if my phones’ Bootloader is unlocked?

It’s a simplistic process to check if the Bootloader is unlocked or not. You can do this with both your Smartphone and PC. If You’re convenient with your Smartphone, you’re required to open the dialer and write *#*#7378423#*#*. It’ll automatically redirect you to the Settings, where you have to enter Service Info>Configuration. Now, If there is Yes written under Bootloader, it’s unlocked or opposite for No. 

Now, If You’re convenient with the PC, You’re required to follow the below process – 

Step 1 – Download the Android SDK Platform-tools, and the drivers compatible with your Smartphone. 

Step 2 –  Now install these drivers and unzip SDK tools on a specified folder. 

Step 3 – Open the folder where you extracted SDK Tools, and press Shift + Right Click on the empty location, and choose “Open with Windows Powershell.” 

Step 4 – Switch off your phone with a hard pressing Power Button.

Step 5 – Now press the Power button again with the Volume-Up button and Volume Down button together. It’ll start your device in fastboot mode.

Step 6 – Connect your phone with the PC with a USB cable.

Step 7 – Copy the below command on your Windows Powershell screen – 

fastboot devices

Step 8 – Soon, your PC will detect the connected Smartphone, and now you’re required to copy the below command there – 

fastboot oem device-info

How do I get root access on the ASUS smartphone?

If You’re really willing to root your ASUS Smartphone or use all those rooting privileges conveniently, then you first need to unlock the Bootloader of your ASUS Smartphone. Afterward, You can install root access using any of the rooting methods. We’ll recommend you to use Magisk Manager, but before that, You must unlock the Bootloader of your device. It’s a simplistic process, on the same page above. Just follow these handy steps and Unlock the Bootloader ASAP! Afterward, You can try any rooting method from the below link – 

How to root ASUS Smartphone – (Link)

Is unlocking the Bootloader the same as rooting?

Nope, Unlocking the Bootloader and Rooting Android Smartphone are both different stuff on technical terms. Rooting is basically enjoying privileges and lots of in-smartphone menu customization features, but Bootloader Unlocking is just a preliminary process required before gaining root access on Android Smartphones.

Does unlocking bootloader erase data?

Yup, Unlocking the Bootloader is 100% the same as the Factory Data Reset process. Your device will automatically get rebooted whenever you end the process and throw you at the initial page, like a new phone. So Please, Create the perfect backup of all your important files, whether it’s a photo, video, contact, message, or Call Log. Everything is essential, and you won’t get it back with any measure. 

What is OEM unlock?

OEM Unlock is one of the Developer Options provided by every Manufacturer brand, whether it’s Oppo, ASUS, Realme, or even Apple. It’s a simplistic Developer Option, required to be enabled before unlocking the Bootloader of your Android Smartphone. In technical terms, Only Developers and Manufacture brands have the official and authorized rights to unlock the Bootloader of the Smartphone, and remaining all measures will be unauthorized. So You’re required to enable it if You’re using Fastboot mode to Unlock the Bootloader.

Is OEM unlock safe?

Yup, OEM Unlock is a safe Developer Option, and it’s only connected with the Bootloader of your ASUS device. There is no possible scenario within molesting any other data or system on your Smartphone for the OEM Unlock. You’re going to enable it only while unlocking the Bootloader and again disable it when there is no need. 

Will I get OTA updates if the Bootloader is unlocked?

Sorry, You can’t get those Over the Air or OTA Updates from the ASUS Manufacturers after unlocking the Bootloader of your ASUS Smartphone. But on the other hand, You can use all the other fantastic UI firmware by installing them on your Smartphone using that protocol. 

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